Care for the Spark

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


“I feel something new is starting. This is the time of women.” a female friend said to me recently. I feel the same. That being said I don’t mean to bash men. We need good men with all the attributes they carry; they are crucial. We also need balance. Coming back into balance between the feminine and the masculine will benefit us all, for nothing that is out of balance is ever sustainable long-term.

So what is it the world needs from us women? It needs who we are.

It needs our connectedness and the habit to come together as a tribe to discuss and counsel. It needs our sensitivity, this awareness of what is going on in us and around us, on the surface as well as underneath it. It needs our vulnerability, the very courageous way of living with our fragility and tenderness, not despite it. It needs our empathy and gentleness, the ability to understand how somebody else feels and sees the world and to interact accordingly. It needs our intuition, living so in tune with the universe we become aware of things good and bad happening before they do. It needs our beauty, warmth and thoughtfulness. It needs our affection, devotion and endurance. It needs our patience, radiance and sensuality. And the list goes on.

As we are individuals we may not embody all these attributes with the same emphasis, but we all carry a whole array of such superpowers within us. Unfortunately we often hide those healthy parts of us, due to hurt we experienced or deeming them not good or powerful enough to show them off.

Yet can you see how beneficial they would be to create the change we need? Women are beings of change. Our very bodies resemble that at an ongoing level, regardless of our age. We carry within us the ability to foster and care for life and change.


This week’s homework:

How can you care for your healthy spark, so you can shine in this world and allow it to follow you?





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