Beyond That, I am Grounded

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There are times when things go awry that I simply don’t stay out of the stress reaction, which might look like crying or being angry and loudly discussing the situation with myself. Yes, I do speak with myself sometimes, it’s a way to keep my sanity. There is a part in me that would much prefer to have everything under control, the part that condescendingly looks down on my emotional reactions. There is another part though that is ever growing and becoming stronger, fed by certain realizations that smiles at the reaction going: “Hey, that’s me!”

It’s not my nature to be calm. People observing me might not see this, but I am very deep feeling and passionate. I am a fiery person, which funnily shows in every “system” I have looked at so far: astrology, Ayurveda, Energy Profiling, … I am “fire dominant” in each of them, so I am active-reactive and I am learning to be cool with that. Cool, haha — nice pun!

Looking at it through the lens of The Body Code, it is wise to not suppress emotions as that is exactly what makes them get stuck and gives them the ability to influence the individual long term. Think of it as paint on your skin. The harder you scrub it to finally get it off, the more resistant the paint becomes and sticks to your skin vs. seeing the paint, accepting it and letting it process only to have it simply fade away.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean I have to take my emotions out on anyone of course. Luckily I never had the tendency to do that, so that’s an easy one, but feeling the emotions also helps the chemical reactions that take place in my body due to the stress to unwind. I used to just push through, now I try to take time to express what’s inside, through writing or painting or talking it out with a friend. Having a way to express it is important for me. Again it helps it move out of my system.

What makes it possible to smile at the fiery expression of my feelings is that I move beyond them. I have shared before that giving up was never an option for me. It simply doesn’t make any sense to me. So when the unexpected hits, I might spend time allowing my stress reaction as I have just described if that’s needed. Then I always go into “solving mode”: I reflect on the situation with the goal to figure out what to do. Do I need to let something go, my expectations maybe? Do I need to find another avenue to make the result happen? Was I pushing myself onto a situation or was the timing bad? Is this just one of those human experiences where I have to live with a mistake, made by me or someone else? Is the situation unimportant and I can simply drop it? Did this insignificant situation trigger such an emotional uproar to point me to something I need to heal? Did it not work out because there is something way better ahead?

The emotional reaction is not happening with each unexpected thing taking place in my life, but if I have it it’s better to take care of it as that enables me to become calm and clear and let intuition guide me to the next step in my journey. Plus I have to say that accepting myself, including my active-reactive nature, feels good.  Beyond that, it grounds me, making me more stable to withstand the next whirlwinds that will inevitably come.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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