Be What You Already Are

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


Do you ever have moments when you’re not pleased or even annoyed by something you do while on the other hand someone else really likes it? It may be something you said, a picture you drew, the way you prepared a dish. It could be anything really.

Obviously the other person judges you quite differently than you do yourself. The majority of people look at themselves through a harsher lens then they do at anyone else; when they look at their strengths let alone their weaknesses.

Imagine you would have a dropper bottle full of self-acceptance in front of you. Envision taking one of those aforementioned moments in your one hand while reaching for the dropper with the other. Slowly add one drop of acceptance after another unto the scene. What happens?

Do the colors change? Do you see things differently? Are you able to relate to the positive judgement of the other person? Are you maybe even seeing a strength of yours instead of the imperfection that was there before? Can you see your genius, something you were gifted with, emerge?

Acceptance is a powerful force each of us needs in our lives in order to live to the fullest. We make an impact in the world not because we are perfect, but because we are our own unique bundle of awes and woes.


This week’s homework:

Can you relax into what you are and enjoy it?



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