Autumn? Time to think Spring.

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah


No, no blinking and missing winter… sorry, not sorry!

Those first blooms in the early spring are like a tonic; the bright colours just a peek of what is about to unfold before us.  You want that wink of sunshine there on the grey spring day? It’s time to plan now!

Here’s an example from my own garden:

Forsythia – that’s the real first harbinger of springtime for me. My aunt and grandmother would always seem to have found some perfect branch. It would be clipped to force the blooms early and as a result, our Easter eggs would hang on some sunshiny branches inside! I still love it.

Now let’s talk logistics:

There are different kinds of Forsythia, all with different growth habits, sizes, and also shades of yellow on the flowers – from buttery to electric. There’s definitely a Forsythia for you. Are you sold yet?  The thing is to plant it now! Don’t wait until Spring. Look out at your garden now, and go over your notes from your gardening journal. What does your gardener’s heart desire?

Many gardeners think spring is the time for planting – but if it’s woody shrubs or perennials then the autumn is by far your best option. Cooler air temperatures combined with warmer soil temperatures make conditions ideal for any transplants or new plantings to settle in and put down roots with minimal stress.

Rule of Green Thumbs: Pick one spot with a bit of room or need for a fix – as long as it’s not deep shade – a forsythia of one sort or another should work!

What’s your favourite spring flower? Shrub, Tree, or Bulb? Let’s brainstorm some plants for your shopping list, or exchange with your pals – or for when you take cuttings while you’re out on a walk… that might happen too, now that you are in the know.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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