As If It Were Me

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

As we’re talking about what to do when temporarily losing one’s passion let me tell you what I did last Monday night.

I had planned on going to the movies all by myself. I’ve always loved going to the movies, but I don’t do it often anymore — especially not on my own. Actually, I hadn’t fully decided whether or not I would go. I had an appointment that day ending only shortly before I would need to leave to make it to the movie on time, which actually was the perfect set up! I had no time to wonder, “Do I want to go, or don’t I?” I ended the appointment, packed my stuff and left the house all within four minutes. Lack of time made it easy to move forward, and I have to say, this was the best decision ever!

I went to a theatre I’d never been to before, as it was the only one showing the movie I wanted to see. A while ago, a friend of mine had drawn my attention to a documentary that featured a dear friend of hers,  called “This Mountain Life” . I was thrilled when I learned there would be screenings here in Munich. The movie follows the adventurous ski trek of this woman and her daughter, in which they cross the Coast Mountains on a 2300-kilometre journey from Canada to Alaska! This had been done only once before, and never by two women.

The movie was amazing in so many ways. The views were thrilling — to see the vastness of the terrain was mind boggling for someone living in a city in the middle of Europe. We just don’t have that here in the same proportions. The determination and assuredness these two women exuded concerning their endeavour amazed me. They dared to attempt something beyond extraordinary, figuring things out instinctively. It was inspiring to see them master unexpected circumstances out there in the wilderness depending only on their own skills and on each other. There seemed to be moments when they came close to giving up, but they didn’t. They persevered.

I heard them dream about sushi, taking a shower or talking to someone else besides each other. These are all things that I easily take for granted in my daily life. I felt their joy and relief when they finally reached the designated little town in Alaska and entered back into civilization having accomplished what they set out to do. The movie also captures individuals who live and work in the area, all human beings with unique and touching stories to share.

Do you know why I love going to the movies? I love the enthusiasm I feel for life when I leave the theatre after watching a heartfelt movie. What this movie did for me though is beyond anything any Hollywood motion picture ever has before. In fact, I don’t fully understand it myself. All I know is it made me feel more alive, humble, grateful and enthusiastic about life. To see the passion and enthusiasm of these two women that led to accomplishing something so grand — and for me unthinkable — touched me deeply, I dare say it even somehow changed me. I felt capable of doing anything in the world as if it were me who crossed the Coast Mountains! Just thinking about the movie moved me to tears on my way home. It can do that even now, days later. I had been drawn so deeply into its story I actually felt weird walking through the streets of Munich afterwards, almost as if I didn’t belong in my own hometown.

I can’t quite put the full effect it had on me in words, but simply said: After watching a movie like that it’s impossible for me to not feel passionate about life and what I am doing!

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