Artist Date Bucket List

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Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

After our last artist date prompt, I made a list of other things I wanted to do for future artist’s dates. I pulled out my list and checked it out to see what might fit a rather hectic schedule this week. I crossed off this and that before settling on something.

I started with a trip to our downtown library, a location I rarely visit since I have a branch much closer to home. Our library has a summer program called KnowOlympics which had its kickoff that day. Each visitor to the library could sign up and receive a passport booklet with many ideas of things to do and learn from the end of May until the middle of August. Headings such as Science and Technology, Math, Reading, Writing and others top the pages. Activities range from simple counting to recycling to writing a poem and many other adventure possibilities where we can explore our city or the world through books and online searches.

After wandering through the library I chose to do several activities. I played with a robot ball, controlling where it rolled with an iPad which was outside my comfort zone but so much fun.

A button making station gave me time to search through pictures and old books to find just the right image for my button – a little fox pup and his toy doll reading a book. A button depicting storytime fit with what I love to do –  tell and read stories.

I played with a computer and blocks to learn some basic programming skills as I tried to move the cartoon bunny through a maze on the screen and rescue strawberries to gain points. After one level, I gave up my place to a child looking longingly at learning how to play.

I skipped a few of the other activities to browse through the stacks at books on various creative subjects before checking out a few on making mini books, albums and decorative journaling. The rest of my artist date needed to wait until after I hung out for the afternoon with my two-year-old grandson who entertained me with his trucks, cars, and many new words.

Play continued another day when I pulled out paper, glue and embellishments to make some hand-made cards. It did not matter to me that I never made one of the mini albums or took the time to decorate my journal. Those ideas can be saved for another time of playing. I love searching through the variety of papers in my supplies, taking bits and pieces too small for scrapbook pages and turning them into a card to brighten someone else’s day. A bit of sparkle, a note inside to personalize them before I use them and the piles of paper and things become something else, something useful.

I still have to sift through the information and pictures in the books I chose to borrow on my library visit and see what might inspire another day or two or more of playing with paper, sparkles, ribbon and embellishments. When finished these projects will make excellent gifts to brighten the day of others.

The little passport book of activities adds to my wish list of things to try. Other branches of the libraries in the city will invite people in to take part in their day of KnowOlympic options. All I have to do is plan the time to explore the possibilities and allow the ideas escape on more days of play.

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