And Just Like That… Voila! It’s Spring

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah; Go Go Green Thumbs


April showers bring May flowers. And…my Seed Schedule to the front of my mind.

Tending a garden tends the soul. I didn’t make that up, it’s an expression for good reason.


My soul has benefited from learning to appreciate imperfection, appreciating the possibilities of ‘happy accidents’, and learning to slow down and watch nature’s pace. You’re not late – you’re right on time.

There is such a thing as over-preparing: I used to start a few weeks earlier and would find myself looking at a hard frost on the ground and trays of leggy tomatoes & peppers. Let me tell you it’s much nicer to slow it down and I’m pretty confident my seedlings agree.

Segue to the seed schedule: It’s check in time for your ‘from scratch’ Victory Garden plans!

A few weeks ago I started some Violas, Iceland Poppies and Green Crackler Peppers.  Those seeds have just popped very recently and are right on track.

This past week I’ve put down most of the seeds that need the indoor head start:

  • Rapini
  • Yellow Crook Neck Squash (a lovely heirloom summer squash)
  • Cucumbers
  • Cardoon (check last week’s article to discover this beauty!)
  • Tomatoes  – many and varied – this is after all Victorious Gardening 🙂
    • Grightmire’s Pride Heirloom is a delicious long season that is a long running favourite of mine and lower acid and sweeter flavour than many big slicers
    • Marzano Nana gave me the absolute best harvest last year! Nice compact plants and heavy sets  of very sweet fruit
    • Marzano – these are the Roma or Paste tomatoes you know and love – they do need more pruning and support as they’re tall and indeterminate growers (ask me more if this is new information for you – tomato whisperer here ;))
    • Yellow Pear – these are saved seeds from last season’s harvest and they a great low acid

These are seeds that expect 7-10 days to germinate and so by mid month I should see signs of life in most of my trays and another 2-3 weeks of watching the wee sprouts big themselves up as we all do getting ready to bust out to the barefoot happy weather of May.

Rule of GreenThumbs: It always snows in April at least once, and then just like that: Viola, It’s Spring!
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