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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


Thinking about my best self recently and what that looks like, even my self-critical part realized that actually I am always trying to put my best foot forward. That doesn’t mean I am perfect, but I am generally trying to do and give my best. I am human and have streaks of frustration, annoyance and so forth, but I am trying.

One of the best sides of me is that when there is room to grow I take it. There is a current situation that’s hard for me and while I was still caught up in the drama of it all a friend of mine said to me: “I know that might sound hard, but I think you need to learn to let go.” She said those words hesitantly as not to offend or hurt me. It was the clarity of her words that struck me. It was easy to see she was right, especially as I had sensed this before in recent weeks. When I have a lightbulb moment like that I can switch on a dime: “Okay, I got it. So this is what I’m working on here. Alright, let’s go.”

I may not be able to implement my awareness quite as quickly as I got it, which in itself often creates frustration within me but I also can acknowledge that I do put my best foot forward to walk on the path I was called to.


This week’s homework:

What’s your best side?

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