All I Am

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

I read something really smart the other day about the old year: “2020 wasn’t the year to get everything we ever wanted. It was the year to treasure everything we already have.” As soon as I read it I took this amazing idea and brought it to the table when thinking about 2021: I might not already have become everything I ever wanted to be, but I treasure everything I already am.

For me personally this sentence modifies my perception. I get a feeling of how large my energy actually is and I become more grounded. It allows all of what I have already become to back me up for what I still want to improve and learn. It focuses on the fact that being who I am has brought me all the way to where I am today. Looking at it from this perspective let’s all of the past growth and learning support the wish for more. It allows the shift I want to make to be more about refining who I am than having the need to change myself.

I invite you to sit with this thought also. What does it do for you? What happens in your body when you shift your focus from what is out there that you still want to become to who you already are? Does it let your intentions for this New Year appear more feasible or do you feel the need to alter them? Does it maybe even help incorporate lightness and fun into your plans?

Contentment with yourself will not stop you from desiring more; rather, it will provide you with the stamina to keep on going.



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