Alive Spaces: Who’s Your Houseplant?

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah


They’ve been popular since the Victorian era when botanists were retrieving species en masse all over the globe, and the keeping of tropical plants indoors exploded. Parlour Palms [Areca sp.]  Mother-in-law’s Tongue [Sanseveria sp.] Baby’s Tears [Tradescantia sp.]  and so many other fanciful names became more and more common in homes as time went on.

As fashions do,  names and smaller details change, but the trend repeats itself with the fresh perspectives of future generations. Aaaand….houseplants are back baby!

It’s well understood that plants result in cleaner air, and even cleaner soils as they filter and fix many toxins.  But technical details aside, they create  a live space wherever you place them.  They’re vibrant and beautiful, and if you’re observant, you’ll notice the leaves grow towards the light, their shape and texture changes a room.

There isn’t a space that will feel less comfortable by the addition of some life – and it’s easy to do with a houseplant.

Rule of Green Thumbs:  Create your alive space. Collect at least one small (or large) houseplant for each room in your house.   Enjoy the colour, vibrancy, and fresh air with the company of a houseplant (or a few) creating alive spaces all over the house!


Which way do your tastes sway? Do you like a challenge, or do you need a plant with more forgiving needs?

Peperomias come in so many shapes, colours and sizes so whether big or small there’s one that will fit – as long as it’s pretty bright.

Snake plants? They’ll take a dark corner and prefer to be ignored for long stretches.

Spider plants? Lots of forgiveness and vigour. Tradescantia which regularly get chopped and revived….Aloe, Peace Lily, Weeping or Fiddle Leaf Fig….it’s a long long list and we’ve not even touched on the flowering ones!

So how do you fancy your ALIVE space? How many and which ones will you choose?  Plant away friends!

Go Go Green Thumbs!

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