A World Full of Open Hearts

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Open hearts. That’s the world I dream of, one of open hearts.

Did you know scientists discovered that electromagnetic signals radiating from a person’s heart are detectable in the brain waves of another person? For me that shows what a powerful force the heart is, a force that reaches far beyond its mere organic functions. For centuries humans sung about the heart, they wrote about it. We often acknowledge the heart as the core of our being, as the part in us that defines who we truly are by the way we use it in our language. Some even believe it’s the seat of the soul.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is an experienced chiropractor and the creator of The Emotion Code, a method to find and release emotional baggage. A number of years ago, he discovered that there exists something he later called a “heart wall”.

Imagine yourself being in a hurtful situation, one that makes you feel vulnerable, maybe even heartbroken. It’s easy to see the desire to be protected from such situations and the resulting emotions in the future. So, in order to keep you safe, your subconscious mind will sometimes build an energetic wall around your heart using unprocessed negative emotions — a heart wall.

Now think about this powerful organ caged in and you will easily understand that the heart wall diminishes the heart’s ability to send out love as well as to receive it. It can disconnect you from the people you love and care about. Because I see the power of the heart as being essential in creating the quality of our lives, I love knowing Dr. Nelson found a way to tear down this wall and give our hearts the ability to open up again.

A few weeks ago a few friends and I discussed how many (people and corporations alike) are so focused on money and power, that they will do anything for it. The question popped up as to what it would take to change that. It might be a simplistic thought, but what came to me is: if they would truly love themselves.

I believe that the more I truly love and accept myself with all my strengths and weaknesses, the more capable and willing I am to love my neighbour. As I contemplated the vision of a world full of open hearts, I thought about the importance of my own resolution for 2019: self-generosity. When I am generous with myself, I make sure to be well nourished on all levels. I take care of my own needs. I create my own happiness. Being grounded in self-love is like a boost to my own immune system. It makes me capable of keeping my heart open, despite things inevitably going wrong sometimes.

When I imagine a world of open hearts, of course, I see lots of love. Beyond that though, I see people being truly connected with each other, communicating about differences rather than fighting about them. I see conflicts ending in peace rather than war. People are free to create the life of their dreams. Instead of being envious for the success of other there is mutual support. I simply see a world I definitely want to help create!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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