A Healer’s Energy

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Do you have a healer’s energy? Did you even ever think about that? Having a natural ability to assist others in healing is not something that is or even can be taught or explained, not in school and rarely at home.

So how do you know?

I’d say by looking at your life. Do people like to come to you and share personal information? Do they ask you for advice? When people spend time with you do they leave in a better state than they came in? Do people enjoy being in your presence? Are you interested in the divers methods of healing? Do you feel drawn towards helping others progress? Do you have a unique way to help others processing life?

For me it was important to understand this nature so I was in a better place to take care of myself. Sounds counter intuitive? It’s not. Being aware of this natural tendency helps you avoid lacking energy. You can’t help others when your battery is constantly on low. Fueling up might look like taking good care of your body and mind, spending time in solitude to unwind, realizing that you are not alone and can always ask for help or always leaving a reserve for yourself; a reserve of time, energy and resources. On top of taking good care of yourself it is vital to know that it is not your job to feel responsible for other people’s healing or constantly give your energy. It is your being-ness that assists others in healing, not your doing-ness.

So as you can see part of owning your healer energy is setting your life up so you can sustain your liveliness and ease.

This week’s homework:

How do you sustain your ease?


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