A Gardener’s Manicure in January

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah


Just lately I’ve been jonesing for summer gardening, as I watch the winter juncos and squirrels from the kitchen window.


The seed list for 2022 is still developing. Many cups of tea and much time in quiet contemplation is needed – honest. You need some alone time, dreaming of the growing season to come.

The rosemary is surviving hibernation well so far with frequent sink showers for the thirsty leaves. I’ve brought home an enormous bale of seed starting mix and I’m thinking the best cure for my summery haze would be to get my hands dirty, seeding some herbs for the kitchen windowsill.

So it’s going to be some cilantro. I’m going to catch this “Slo-Bolt” sassy quick to seed delicious salsa ingredient, so help me, yes I am!

Yes – hoping to get a little more of it if it’s looking at me from the windowsill.

Parsley is another one I’m going for. I’ve run out of dried parsley somehow!  I guess I took my bounty for granted this summer and didn’t save any in the freezer or the cupboard.

Basil is another that would do nicely, and I’m even thinking I might start a little tray of lettuce for some fresh greens.

This little trio of herbs is going to scratch the itch my fingers have for getting into some dirt, and the following weeks should bring some satisfying results.

Rule of Green Thumbs: Find a pot that fits your windowsill or countertop get a few herb seeds, enjoy a gardeners’ manicure getting it all together, and let sunshine and water do the rest!


It feels kind of like going to the spa and getting a manicure, when you’re a gal who’s got green thumbs!

What indoor seed planting adventure will happen in your home? The squirrels and the junkos are watching you too.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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