A Change of Vista

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


My Artist Date was a tour through one of the parks nearby. It was so delightful as the green was luscious and fresh!

When I headed home I decided to sit on a bench I had never sat upon before. As I looked at the little pond in front of me I couldn’t believe my eyes: I had never seen this view before, not in all those years I had been strolling through this park regularly! To this day I don’t know what was different. Was it the fact that I had never sat on this bench before or had the green grown so differently this year? I just don’t know, but it looked so new and so refreshing!

As I sat there basking in this picturesque scenery, I noticed how this was exactly what I had needed. The green all around me was soothing my soul. I felt its calming and relaxing effects on my body. I saw yellow water lilies growing in the pond I had never noticed before. The trees seemed taller than I had ever realized on my walks, on which I would merely pass them by. Everything looked different as if by sitting down on the bench I had magically entered into a fairy world!

After a while, I felt that it was time to get up and move on as clearly as I had felt the green taking the stress off of me. So I left my fairy world behind and went home. What stayed with me though was how very different the world can look like and how different an experience can be when I merely changed my perspective!


This week’s homework:

How can you get a fresh perspective on life?



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