My 90 Year Old Self

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At 61, I am now planning out the next 30 years of my life. Writing books and screenplays. Traveling the world. Mentoring the next generation. Learning a new language. Learning to play a musical instrument. Enjoying time with family and friends. The possibilities are expansive. So, what am I exploring and discovering now, that leads a path to 90?

This question inspired me to sit in meditation and ask to connect with my 90-year-old self. Then, I spent the day imagining the adventure she and I are on together, even now.

This is what my 90-year-old expressed to me:

At 90, I am surrounded by people of all ages and I listen to their hopes and dreams.

My life is filled with potluck dinners and deep conversations around the dinner table. Those conversations lead to action in the community and the world. I share wisdom with the children and mothers and grandmothers from the experience of a great-grandmother.

I write children’s books and read them to the children at the local elementary schools.

I celebrate people.

In my youth, I learned to eat a rainbow of colors every day and that continues to nourish my body.

I serve meals at the local homeless shelter and we exchange hugs and love.

I am a painter and I design clothes. My favorite clothes are dresses that swish.

I go to the dog park, with or without a dog. The dogs make me laugh and the people are precious.

I am curious about advances in technology and I embrace the new and appreciate the old.

I sing and laugh and dance in the house, and as I walk down the street.

Restorative yoga, meditation, a walk to the beach, and visits to the local coffee shops are daily practices.

I believe in miracles. I look for them and I share them with others.

I leave trails of dollar bills for people to find and love notes taped to mirrors in public bathrooms.

I post inspirational photos on Instagram and click like on the photos that inspire me.

Intimate connections and conversations are fuel that keeps me so alive and passionate.

I have sex, lots of it. All of that oxytocin keeps me healthy and happy.

My life is full and I am fulfilled with the joy of being alive.

My love of learning continues until I take my last breath at the age of 108, and only then will I discover what lies beyond.

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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