I’m Caught up with all my Homework.

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It’s the New Year! We just finished up our 2 week holiday with the kidlets. Meaning they have spent every day at home, instead of going off to school. I had the opportunity to take the day to myself yesterday, Kayd went to work with his dad and Bells was at a friends. I spent most of the entire day de-Christmassing (not an actual word but makes sense to me) cleaning, doing laundry and cooking. I have an opportunity to take the day to do whatever it was I wanted and I decided organization for the week is the best choice. 

So here we are, the kids are off to school for their first day back, I am all caught up with my homework, and I am left deciding what kind of date am I going to take myself on? 

It could be to my favourite coffee shop for a latte and a cookie, (which I rarely do) it could be going for a walk with my dog, which is one of my intentions for this week, it could be to book a massage at a spa that I have a gift certificate to. But what I decided, was I just needed time for me. Not having to do anything big, anything new, anything really spontaneous. What I was craving was some self-loving. I decided that I would put down my devices. Turn the ringer on my phone to vibrate, if something was urgent the house phone is always on (no offence to anyone if I didn’t reply to your messages ASAP). Also, to stay off social media (except to write my post for CW) and just BE. 

There are days when I always say “I don’t want to people.” To me this means, I don’t feel like being social or talking to anyone. I am an empath so decompressing is important for my sanity, my mood and my inner happiness. I need to be just myself, with my own energy, with my own thoughts. With the exception of my pets, but to be truthful they only give off loving vibes and add to my happiness. 

Today is a non-people day. Well… until school is out that is!

It begins with sitting. Curled up on the couch with a cozy blanket. Meditation is amazing, it is really so good for clearing the thoughts in my head. Especially after a busy morning and getting everyone organized for the day. Deep breaths, clear mind and relaxing. 

After feeling renewed, I turn on some soft music, I love smooth jazz, its relaxing and kind of comfy feeling. I turn on the fireplace and light a candle. Soft lighting is another one of my favourite things. Every moment today I will try to be present. Choosing things that I feel I really need and that I love. From my favourite tea to nourishing foods. I rest when I want to rest and I move when I want to move. I am gentle with myself and I don’t allow myself any guilt  for taking this day to spend on me. I take a hot bubble bath, sink into the warm water and allow it to relax my muscles. I sip my hot cup of Christmas Eve Tea (it is my favourite, I drink it all year long). I savour the flavour and warmth of it. 

I decide that baking something for the kid’s lunches is a good idea. Apple, cinnamon, carrot muffins. Baking is one of my favourite things. It reminds me of my Gramma’s house. The warmth, the aroma, gives my home a comforting feeling. 

I curl up onto the couch later on in the day and journal. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to lay out my intentions. What do I want this week to look like? How would the BEST possible version go? I always feel so much more satisfied when I visualize my days. 

I have a beautiful dinner planned for tonight, we don’t have any after-school activities this evening, so maybe the kids and I will begin working on another puzzle. It’s always such a great project to work on, it brings us together and keeps us off our devices and from watching shows. 

After taking the day to myself, I feel renewed, patient, calm and loved. 

I truly feel that it is so important to take these moments to ourselves when given the opportunity. 

Thank you ME for the wonderful date <3

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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