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I immediately thought of the following three things I have in my life to make sure I’m moving forward towards my dreams and the way I want to live.

The structure I need to grow my seeds is just that, structure – being well organized. I love lists; to-do lists for example give me such a high when I can cross things off. But they also support me in staying afloat, keeping a good overview and not needing my brain to keep track of all pieces of information, which in return frees up my mental capacities for other tasks rather than to remember what to get done today, or what to grocery shop etc. It also keeps me accountable not only to myself, but to other people when I agreed to do something for them. The other way I need to be organized is in my home. I have really come to a place in my life where I cannot tolerate physical chaos in my apartment for an extended period. Sure, sometimes life takes over, but I need to go tidy things again soon. I actually recognize the desire to have outward tidiness as an outcome of having become tidy on the inside.

Which brings me to my personal fertilizer: the energy work I do allows me to let go of trapped emotions and other imbalances to bring out who I really am underneath all the blockages that we humans eventually accumulate. The above-mentioned tidiness originates from freeing myself up on the inside. The power of being my true self, and acting from that source is the fertilizer that allows me to grow my seeds in a powerful way that is congruent with myself and that brings a lot of joy and clarity into my life.

The watering that needs to happen to grow my seeds is equivalent to me taking good care of my physical body. I have learned that I connect to this world and life in a very physical way. I want to honour that, and I do so by taking in enough water and proper food, which is good for my body. I do my best to respect what is not good for my body, as well as, getting the sleep and the movement it needs. Of course I am not perfect in all of that, I am still human, but behind my efforts is the understanding that my body deserves to be treated well, among other things, because it is serving me so well and working hard to support me in life. For example, as I sat down to write this, the words would not flow out of me the way they usually do. So I got up, turned on the music and danced through my living room. Et voilà! After a few minutes, I was able to sit down and do what I meant to do, because I had taken care of my physical body the way it needed me to in the moment, and out of it grew the flower of this share.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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