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Yesterday I said yes to putting a huge project aside for a couple months while I’m heading in to my busy Summer Season.  It just about killed me as it really is a dream for me but I am overloaded and being a perfectionist I can’t pull it off properly right now so I’ve had to take a break.  It’s a big deal and I want it to be done right.  I was not feeling well yesterday and I the relief I felt from giving this up allowed me to rest in the afternoon for a bit and I also got a ton of paperwork caught up.  Today I am feeling way better!  I can concentrate on what is working well for me right now and deal with letting go of our family cottage.  This will give me the time to properly focus on this project in Fall and attract the right people to work with me to make it amazing.  We need to know when to say yes to stopping what isn’t right for us at the time as well as saying yes to new projects and activities.


YES!!! I put AH on hold for several months, and it just re-started 2 weeks ago. It’s exactly how it needed to be. I needed the pause, and now it is running perfectly! xo


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!  Whohoo!


OMG Amber, it’s spectacular. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the foundation is totally complete. I have two (ridiculously) knowledgeable Homeopaths to lead the project with me, they are committed and they love it too. They believe in it! And they believe in me! This is a huge accomplishment, because so far I have been selling them only the concept. They got it right away, and the truth is they are at least 2 weeks ahead of where I thought they would be. I’m flabbergasted. My goal was to do the big launch by cold and flu season, but I’m certain it will be sooner.

All day I kept thinking about this thread, and HOW I got to this spot with the project – this project I’ve been working on for 8 years that is my VISION. It’s my dream! I absolutely got here because of you Ladies. I could not have accomplished this success without all of you. You teach me. You challenge me. You support me. You hold me accountable. You cheer me on. Ha – and you laugh with me. That might be my favourite part. Total joy.

So many times I have considered giving up. Ha – sometimes every 6 weeks when my finances were too tight! I know I would have if this group and these ever present and always accessible conversations hadn’t been there. We founded this community based on our need to surround ourselves with like minded, and like ambitious women. I see myself in you, and when I struggle, I can read something that one of you have said or experienced, and I know my ambitions are possible because you are doing it too. And, better, when I have a celebration along the way, I get to share it here, and all of you jump up for joy too! No questions asked ha!

You’re doing what? That’s right. Yes I am. At long last.

Alive Homeopathy: The Medicine of Modern Wellness. This is a patient-centric Homeopathic information-share community. It’s up. It’s running, and it’s messy, but it’s perfection. I’m so in love with it. By the end of the week, I will have the bios complete, the trial topics loaded onto the website, and the first real topic delivered.

Whoop whoop!

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