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Good Morning Ladies!

SUCH a beautiful day here today. It’s been raining for about 2 weeks, almost solidly. Yesterday was sunshine, and now today too!!! Feels amazing.

In my experience most people are positively affected by weather like this. I’m heading off to work today thinking about how I can use a day like this, where positivity abounds. We make connections with people because of how we feel when we’re around them. For me, this might be a perfect day to network somehow. I have a few cold calls to make for painting. This could be just the day to do it!


Absolutely the weather affects the postivity levels. The one thing I really appreciated (and miss) while living in Calgary is how many sunny days they receive. More than any other place in Canada, something like (on average) 350 days of sunshine a year. Even when it was freezing, a -30 C degree day, at least the sun was there and it certainly (from a warm place inside) made me feel better about the day. Sunny days make me feel optimistic – that anything is possible. It’s a great idea to take a normally mundane or challenging task and do it while the sun is out!


I’m loving how these are tying together… I was at a stop sign today. The sun was SO bright I could not see the other car very well at all. We got there at roughly the same time, and a long pause, meant the other driver was letting me go first. To spite the fact I could not see that person, I decided to smile and wave anyway. I miss that about living in Invermere – the waving! There are lots of places I can do that here too. I just never think of it!


One of the most consistent things I do to keep the good feelings coming, is to be polite and kind to others. I say hello to neighbours, people sharing elevators, co-workers (always greet them in the morning) and smiling at strangers. Yes, it is the nice way to be, but it also helps me to be in a better mood, keep the positive feelings going and generally feel good about things.


Yes! I do this too. I live in a neighbourhood where people don’t wave much. Today on the way to work, one of the neighbours that does wave, was standing at the end of his driveway, just observing the kids arriving to school. . He wasn’t really paying attention to me, but when he saw me waving away, he sort of startled and waved too. We both laughed. I looked in my rear view a few seconds later and he was still looking after my car smiling.

We don’t really know each other, but that is always our exchange. Happy. Waving. I am always excited to see him while snow shoveling or raking leaves. It makes those tasks fun!

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