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A couple of weeks ago a colleague-friend contacted me to discuss a project he is starting. He is familiar with some of my previous work and my network, and wanted some advice and collaboration. We discussed and I asked him to send me more information. This past week, he reached out again with more concrete pieces and told me he wanted me to be a major contributor/lead role in the project.

This week, I finally sat down to look over the materials and take in all that he and I had discussed. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed by what he was asking of me. I knew that I had to decide what I could offer that would contribute to his success. I started to procrastinate and then thought – go for a walk. I have long talked about how it helps me to clear my mind and increases my problem solving skills, so it was time to put the activity to work.

I walked. And I asked myself some questions about what I felt comfortable with in terms of tasks, as well as being honest about other projects I have ongoing at this time. This project is not my baby. I want to assist, and I want the experience to assist me in further developing my communications skills, but I don’t want the lead. As I had left late, I didn’t walk for more than about 20 minutes, but turns out that was enough. I came home with a clear idea in my mind of what I did, and did not, want to contribute. I wrote him an email right away outlining my thoughts.

Earlier in the week, and even as I was thinking about it today, my first thought was – who should I call to discuss this with? But almost before I could answer myself, I said no. I wouldn’t yet speak about it. I would think on it first, as per this topic. The walk was the tool I put in place instead of calling someone. Ultimately, it was a question no one else could answer anyway. I had to answer about what was best for me, at this time. It might even be too much to take on, we’ll see. I may have to put perimeters around it (hours per week etc.), and that’s fine, but I was able to give direction to myself and my colleague without discussing it with anyone else. I have to say, I’m proud of myself, as my typical tool is to talk it out.


A great and very clear result of your walk.

I have experienced the clarity as a result of physical movement before myself. Thank you for reminding me! The last few months I have used a walk mainly for exercise, but as I am moving towards starting my business again I will need this tool to move through all the doubtful feelings around it.


Yeeeah! Go Sabine! So exciting!

I met a friend this morning for a “walk and talk”. We’ve been trying to get together for weeks, but we’ve both been extra busy – her with work events and me with my nose in an online course. She knows I usually walk in the eves, and she texted me last night – wanna go for a walk with me?! Genius. But I had a client and couldn’t go at that time. We decided to go early this morning. I would walk with her to work!

It was super fun, and an excellent break from my usual routine. I am starting my day feeling energised, and totally lifted by the newness that a break in routine provides.

Also totally loved. She’s one of my best friends ever and 30 min with her is like a trip to the mountains. We laughed each other into our days.

Have a great day Ladies!


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