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I am being asked increasingly to do more and more training with people and their pets.  A big part of my vison has always been to help people work through issues that arise with their pets.  Often times the pet is pointing out what the owner needs to work on most.  They are fantastic at doing that.  I do a lot of fostering for rescues or fostering for people going through tough life changes but I didn’t realize just how important the training really was in keeping pets in homes.  There are so many animals without homes that if I can help keep the animals in the homes they already have happily it is helping the issue.  I have taken a bit of a break from group training classes and have only been doing one on one behavioral appointments for the last few years.  Moving forward with my vision I am going to offer more puppy classes and classes for beginners.  It is so important to set these new dog owners up for success with their pets to avoid issues in the future that may arise and not allow them to keep the animal or live happily with the animal.


So true. I just met with MY trainer, Molly. We had a great walk. She was so chill, probably the most chill she’s ever been, which was esp notable because she should be the opposite. I’ve been away, so she hasn’t been walked much in a week. She should be wired for sound, but instead she was super connected and looking to me, at all the right places, for when to cross the street. Honestly, that’s really unusual. Normally I have to stop her at those spots with a “wait”, and then an “ok go”, but today, it was her checking in first, pausing, and waiting for my nod. It was incredible. Seamless.


Of course I wondered why why why, and how do I repeat this?! It was so lovely. Such a nice, calm, and especially enjoyable walk!

She is definitely at the affect of her three people – my Grandpa, my Uncle, and me; she’s a busy Lady – so I wondered what exactly was different. Well, G’s oldest friend was visiting and he was totally satisfied. My Uncle was sitting with them chatting, again, satisfied. And me, I had just come out of an appointment with MY coach,  and I was precisely clear on what and where I am in my life.

So what does this mean? I can’t control my Grandpa’s or my Uncle’s satisfaction, but I can use this experience to help me be clear about how I operate. My coaching session was all about not falling back into the artificial hysteria and “Debbie Downer” energy of that situation. Having Molly to back up my understanding of the thing I do have control over – ah, me, to be clear – is amazing. And it counts towards this week’s visionmania… I need this kind of self-awareness and self-control to be able to implement the actions towards my vision.

YES do your thing, Chicken Wing. Dogs teach us so much about ourselves. The enjoyment part. I had a great time with Molly today, yes because she’s the cutest thing since sliced bread, but mostly because I am in right relationship with myself. She let me know I’m “aligned”, and I can certainly see some ways to maintain that.

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