To Do Do Do, To… Not Now

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Good Morning Ladies!

A big thank you! I’m all over the map. A busy and emotional week, and I am charging through a back-end to-do list. After spending the last hour on here reading your posts I feel energised and organised.

I am on my way out the door for another 2 days of ultra busy – the good kind, the reward kind, a visit with a friend I don’t see often, and I am jamming in a visit with Dan the horse and Molly the dog on the way. I also have a difficult conversation to have, and I am feeling frenetic to get it done and get it off my list before I go.

My action today is to NOT have the conversation. It’s an important conversation with a friend and colleague, and it SHOULD take as much time as it needs, not me standing there with a sharpie ready to cross it off my list.

Furthermore (I know, it’s been a while ha) her mum died suddenly last week. She is likely not in a position to receive this conversation from me. It is actually me in support of her career, her success, but she is going to perhaps need to take some time to process it to see the benefits and also the ease of what I am offering to do for her. Her gut shot will be to separate…

Anyway, my friendships are paramount in my life. I’ve learned that the hard way and the brilliantly satisfying and joyful way. My action today is to be her friend and support HER needs, not the needs of my list.

This has some big picture energy in it for me too… the ability to act powerfully and choicefully towards my big picture goals, not my “mind’s” idea of what is next. I get so focused on what is next and just power through it so hard that I often deflect opportunity. I’m so used to working on my own and not needing to take into account the timelines of others.

Oooh and I like the shit out of this. The woman who owns the store where I am painting right now is doing this to me… I have it labelled as “not valuing my time” and showing me a “lack of respect”. I am the most conscientious worker you know… I am finding myself not wanting to deliver a high quality job. I wanted to see where and why this reflection from her was living in ME.

It feels great to get this big picture look at my own behaviour, and how I can be respectful of other people’s timelines. I always intend this of course, but it’s amazing to see how and where valuing other people actually lives. Intention is only half of that reality. The people we value intentionally, must also FEEL valued. The recipe for how we treat people is born of how we listen to their needs.



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