The Win

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It was nice to have this topic as a reminder to be a bit better. I feel that I am often kind and considerate, but there is no way that happens all the time, so it’s good to have this to check my behaviour.

I bought my friend a coffee today when we met. The immediate result was to feel good about giving. But also, I was happy to be meeting up with her at all. That was the win.

Other than that, I stopped at yellow lights, let people into traffic, gave people the rear view mirror wave when they did so for me. It was a reminder to me that safety is always worth practicing, even if I don’t always get it right.


I like how you connect being your best with checking your bahaviour. That’s my biggest intention for this week’s discussion. I have areas where I would like to clean that up – my behaviour. Funny you should bring up driving. It’s not all direct relational behaviour, more of a general way of being that I’d like to change. I like thinking of driving as a way for me to practice those changes as a generality, not just as an in the moment conscious choice. When I was driving on the highway Saturday morning, it was just starting to get busy. Driving behaviour was really obvious. It was pretty clear how the erratic and impatient drivers were not only still in my “pod” 20 minutes later, but that they were also much younger. I’m liking connecting how my personal behaviour changes (in relation to others as well as myself) are a reflection of my maturity.


I like how you pointed out this connection. I do think that I’m generally a nice person, but yes, being my best is saying to myself: could I do or be better in this or that situation? An overall check myself (before I wreck myself 😉 ) moment.

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