The Rewards of Yes Ripple Out

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On Sunday, I said yes to taking the kids to the Saddle Club Fun Day that I help organize, even though we had an exhausting week of bruised ribs, the flu, birthday parties, and my new dog classes.  We only have five Fun Days a year, so to miss one is a pretty big deal.

So, after being up all night with Kadie still not feeling well, we dragged our butts down to the Fun Day. I set up a comfy bed in the truck if the kids needed to rest in between rides.

The day ended up being a beautiful one and the energy of all the kids super excited to play games on their horses gave us all a boost.  We all had a wonderful day.  We were rewarded when we got home by a call from our employee offering to open our business for us.  That meant no 6 am for us on Father’s Day! Yes to a sleep in on a special day!

I am glad we said yes, to all of it.  We have all week to go to bed early to recover but had we stayed home we would have really missed out.


I LOVE how you teach your kids to attend events like this, even when they are not up to participating fully. This speaks to me. So often I say no to things because I can’t participate fully. There is always a work around… ha, that’s funny for me. A true Freudian slip! I say no to a lot of things because I have to work.

I am LOVING how the shift in my lifestyle is seeping out between the lines. I can definitely say yes to that! It’s been such hard work and dedication, and the final push will be fueled by the things that I want as a reward.


Thank you. I also said yes to finally approaching someone about making changes with the club.  For years we have been told that we can’t do the changes we want to better the place but it was always through people who didn’t like to see change.  I had heard so many negative things about approaching that board that I would have never thought to do so.  Yesterday I ran in to two people on the board and asked how I go about properly getting permission to make changes.  I was nervous but tired of the five year run-around.  I am moving forward at full speed and I needed to know the answers or I literally just couldn’t stay on the board.  I don’t loiter, meander or saunter through life.  I just don’t have time for it.  I’m all in or all out.  So with a little hesitation knowing this opportunity was put in front of me for a reason I jumped on it.  Guess what?  I was treated amazingly well.  It was so easy it was ridiculous.  I almost had to laugh.  They were thrilled that we would care enough to want to better the place and we were basically given the go ahead to do as we please.  This was a great example of allowing others to make you believe you can’t do something.  Always remember to go to the horse’s mouth for your information.  You just never know what you may get for an answer.


YES! Good for you!!! Sometimes I think people are so used to hearing, and giving, the same answers to the same questions that they don’t realise another answer exists. Asking those direct questions – sometimes even the exact question” what it the solution” or “how do I get this done” – not only gets YOU the answers you need to move forward, but also reminds them that there is something other than the problem. It reengages them, and those same people are often your biggest supporters or helpers.

I’m liking where this thread is leading me. My next “step” in that scenario would be for you to take ownership of your leadership skills… not that you don’t already, but that’s the reflection I am seeing for myself, what I need to do. I’m in a position suddenly where my leadership is wanted. I don’t have to prove it, I just have to do it. I don’t have to convince them to follow me, I have to give them the opportunity. I’m a little wiggly! I’m really appreciating your example.

I have to say yes to filling out that leadership position that I created in Alive Homeopathy. That project is ready to go, and I have two other Homeopaths writing and learning the structure. We are almost ready to go!  It could be scary. Ok ,who am I kidding, it IS scary, but instead, I say yes to being fulfilled – all of us in that group. When I look at it that way, when I say yes to pushing through my fears of sounding bossy or losing the plot (both my M.O.), I say yes to people having access to some of the best Homeopathic practitioners in the world.

Suddenly, it’s really easy.

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