The Perfect Why

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I’m still looking for the meaning, or at least looking to better understand the meaning in my life – the Why. I glimpse it here and there, out of the corner of my eye. I have passionate opinions on many things, and some look like they might stick if I pursued them. I am not clear that I have a ‘passion’ per se (people are always telling people to follow their passion). I’m stuck at times on meaning in my career; I focus too much on it, and forget that there is meaning in all the activities and interactions in my life.

A vision for an enriched life. Today, this is what I am concentrating on. It allows me to tease out those areas in my life full of meaning that may not seem connected (but certainly are).

The why of my daily choices is to be a better version of myself. It’s one of the many manifestations of perfectionism, and of which I’d like to dull the edges – finding self acceptance somewhere before envisioning an unrealistic expectation. But in its more benign form, I want to feel better about who I am, be kinder, more patient, give more love. That is the quest. This means getting more sleep, breathing deeply, stretching before bed, eating well and in a balanced manner. It’s why routine is something I gravitate to – it allows me to be efficient and give myself time to do the things that will support a healthy frame of mind. I have to be careful though to not cut out all that is not routine, but having it most of the time does help me feel more balanced and solid in the world. I also do many of these things to be healthy, so I can continue to be active. I work out every week for this reason, but also to feel (and be) strong. An enriched body, a healthy body and mind.

I am happy to be single, I’m happy to be paired. There are good things about both states. My current state is single, not single. Long distance relationships will do that – single daily life, but committed to someone. I enjoy my solitude and the quiet of my apartment on weekends. And I enjoy the spontaneity of adventure of spending time coupled. Many of my decisions in the past few years have been made for love. But they are also made for the love of self, back to that self acceptance. Loving someone, in this way, as a partner in daily life is – for me – one of life’s great and meaningful challenges. It challenges me to give more love and patience and understanding. And it challenges me to also give those things to myself. To challenge myself to be a better version of myself, through love, with love.

Giving love – to friends, family, partners, a cause dear to our hearts, the earth, ourselves – this is the meaning, the why of doing anything at all. It’s all around me and yet must also be cultivated, invited in, nurtured.

It’s a bit philosophical perhaps, but it’s my ‘why’ today.


It’s the perfect why!!

This community is all about providing examples and leadership to visionary women, FROM visionary women. It is an exchange.

Balancing the why of love and the why of career is an important thing for me to be learning. I want it all. There are definitely many things I still have to learn. Having the opportunity to watch your vision grow helps me to see that my vision is also possible.

Cheers, my friend! Thank you!

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