The Life of Tumble

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I wrote this last winter. It’s a love story, with a much deeper meaning than the words convey. I am very proud of it!

The Life of Tumble

Dedicated to my little tumbleweed xo

How would you like to be tossed about by Wind every time she howls? Wind is not my friend. She is strong, and forceful. Her superpower is invisibility. I cannot see her. But I can feel her. And some days, she is loud too. She blows me around in circles, and across great distances whenever she feels like it. Not even caring about what I want.

I  have travelled my whole life. Never staying in one place for too long at all. Some places have been very nice, and peaceful, and beautiful. Other places have been mean, chaotic and ugly;  I never get to choose where I go. Wind just blows me around and and it’s not until She stops that I get to rest. It’s not up to me.

But, once, She must have been sick or something, because Wind did not howl for a long time. During this time, I met my best friend. We did everything together. We could spend hours together doing everything and nothing. Then, out of nowhere, whoosh. Wind howled, and screamed. She was powerful, mad maybe, because She was knocking things over, breaking things. I was scared. So was my friend. We tried to hang on to each other. We tried to run, to hide from Wind. It didn’t work. She found us. With her invisible hands, Wind  threw us in different directions. I was tumbling away in one direction.  She was tumbling further and further away in the other. Wind howled for a really long time. Almost as if She was making up for lost time.

Finally, Storm settled. I have stopped moving. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know where my friend is.  It is night. The sky is black with bright white stars twinkling down on me.  I wish upon a star that I would be reunited with my friend. My most favourite in the world. I am mad at Wind. Why did She have to separate us?  Will we ever find each other again? But there’s no sense in fighting Wind. She has her own plans. She decides where we all end up. And where have I ended up exactly? This place. I’ve never been to a place like this before. A place where everything is shiny and bright. Almost as if the land is made from diamonds. I like it here. I wish my friend was with me. I know she would want to be here too. I want to share this beauty with her. I wonder where she is.

I try not to get too comfortable here. Once Wind decides to howl again, I’ll be on the move. Travelling to somewhere else. But, in the meantime, I go exploring. Sun is shining. I think Wind is sleeping, or at least taking a break after such an outburst. I think I have a bit of time. Time for what, I do not know.

I find a place that is just mine. A meadow, filled with the sweet aroma of colourful flowers, the melodic sound of chirping birds, and radiant Water.Turquoise ripples reflect the Sun’s  rays. I bask in the magnificence of this peaceful place. I want to stay. This time I do not want Wind to decide where I go, or when. It’s not up to Wind anymore.

I create a home for myself here in the meadow. Surrounded by my most favourite senses. I wish You were with me. I start to wonder about staying, about leaving. If I stay, I may never find You. And if I go, I still may never find You. What shall I do?

It’s time for Sleep. Cold is out tonight, and Cloud is blocking my view of Star. Moon is full and bright. She has been with me everywhere. No matter where I end up, Moon is always with me. This comforts me as I try to sleep.

Lightening and Thunder arrive at the meadow. They are always so loud and boisterous, as if everything was a party. And Rain always follows them. When Rain shows up on a day with Sun, together they make the most beautiful sight. An arc of colours across the sky so far you cannot see a beginning or an end. I like this Rain. But today, this Rain is cold and hard. Wind is stronger than ever tonight,  as if Everyone is against me. Pushing me, and pulling me every which way.  Wind blows me right into a cave. This I think is a good thing, because now She can’t find me. I have escaped her threatening blow, and I can stay in the meadow.  A bit more time. Until Wind finds me again.

Exhausted, Sleep finally takes over. Sleep leads me to Dream. Glistening yellow and purple aura, together with my friend. Springtime flowers and colourful sky arcs paint our days. We tumble easily and freely.  Sun visits us often and Moon is our constant companion. We stare at Star; shooting wishes for forever.

All the loves, little m xo


I really love this. I’ve read it several times. When I am feeling restless and like it is time to move on, I always say to myself “the wind is blowing”. I say to others “the wind, she blows” and they get it. They know me.

These days, ironically, as I get closer and closer to writing full time for a living, I need to keep that restless feeling at bay. The wind is howling so hard, I want to let it take me, but I still need to keep focused on the practical foundation of the project. I do this with the motivation and inspiration provided by other people with the same vision who are doing it as beautifully as I hope to do it myself one day.

You totally inspire me to keep working towards that, to keep working on my writing – well, more the sharing of my writing. This piece here totally moves me.

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