The Joy of Cracking the Whip!

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I will tell you when I don’t procrastinate (am I allowed on this topic?!) – when I have deadlines. I’m going out of town tomorrow morning early for over a week. I motored through work tasks today, no time for questions and hesitations! I did push some lower priority things to next week, but it can wait. The day flies by and then I’m home, packing.

It reminds me of Amber’s earlier comment about when we continue to do things, pick up that, move this, that there is no time to think.


That last sentence reminds me of the way I tidy my house. If you trace my path when tidying it would look like a crisscross pattern all over my apartment. I pick up one thing, move towards where it belongs, maybe pick something else up on the way, put stuff away, pick up something from that room or the next and go put that away. To a by-stander it probably looks chaotic, but I love the swift random movement. In fact I get a kick out of that and out of the satisfaction of quickly cleaning up my place. Love it!

Never connected it to anti-procrastinating though! But I like the mental image that gives me and the possibilty to put this into the stop and go movement pattern I still have going on. Thanks, Lia!!


Reminds me of what Lily said about getting things done easier  and being able to make room when there is something to look forward to.


I love reading this… YES we are exactly allowed to tell about the ways we do NOT procrastinate ha! Exactly! Precisely!

I was driving to Toronto on Monday to go to the silver wholesaler and I had some “fast” time on the high way to ponder this topic. I have some deadlines too, and I am feeling the crunch, even cancelled MY trip that was supposed to happen this week. I was feeling really guilty about that, but I am NOT giving up the progress I have been making, and as much as I would like to lie around on a dock listening to the bullfrogs (one of my fave things), that’s not at all what I want to do!

I too am motoring through tasks, and that momentum is actually helping me to slow down the big picture enough that I can see precisely the thing that needs to be done next, and that clarity in thought seems to be providing me with a TON of energy. I’m loving it. I have not yet had this “sweet spot” in the process of my vision, but I knew it would come.

For me, there needs to be a lot to be done, to get things done… and yet I have not been able to initiate that fully since I’ve been living in Hamilton – and honestly perhaps my entire Homeopathy career. Writing this out here, coupled with the deadlines and what I am consistently experiencing with my family, their proximity, all of this suddenly, wow…

My biggest obstacle is my own emotional obligations to what others need or want of me. When I am so busy that I have to ignore them, I get more done. And as I get more done, I am so satisfied that I don’t need to ignore them. The drama doesn’t even include me. I just get to enjoy them.

So yes, ME too. Deadlines. I need ’em. Don’t tell my Mum.

There’s a lot here too for me about the social media required to market all this stuff I’m producing. When I am moving really fast, I don’t feel as shy to post things.

Have a fabulous time away! You earned it!!!


Oh yes this all makes so much sense to me.  It really always is about balance isn’t it?

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