The Funkinista in Me Sees the Fashionista in You

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This year, I intend to progress towards a better wardrobe. I have been pondering this particular situation for some time now (capsule wardrobe? uniform for work? what is my casual style? how can I have less clothes and love those ones I do have more?) I do not mean in terms of having more expensive clothes per se, however, that is part of it – to have less and with some at a higher quality – those basics that tend not to go out of style.

I did some initial research last  year and after a few months of not focusing on it, realized a solution would come to me if I let it percolate in the back of my mind. And a solution is coming into focus, or at least the first steps.  I often look at my clothes and ponder. Part of it is self-acceptance…my body has changed just enough to not fit properly into my pencil skirts which I love. The thing is, pencil skirts (or the ones I have) are so unforgiving. You can’t let anything slide, the pencil skirt will let you know. The margin for error, literally, is fractional. Part of it is also about feeling I have ‘enough’, whatever that means, when I let go of other pieces that no longer fit or are worn out. So I am picking some key pieces and purchasing them over time, so that when it comes time to let something go, I don’t feel that I need to replace it. I’m still working out what the uniform might be…so the process behind the scenes is still occurring. I will gain more clarity around this going forward – and so this is my intention – to build a better wardrobe. To feel and look better with less.

I also know that right now is not the time. I have other time-sensitive goals that are front and centre right now, and that the clothing questions can continue to just be. I am trusting in the process on this one (this is hard for me to do generally). I know the solution is coming and I don’t need to force it at this point.


Ha! I read this last night while I was IN the women’s dress store, painting. So many beautiful things in there. She carries those clothing lines that are glamorous and casual at the same time. As I was setting up, I was still wearing black leggings and a black shirt. I felt like a slinky black canvas moving between the racks. I highly recommend wearing that when you go shopping next time. it’s literally like shopping naked.

I hope though that you do have at least one pencil skirt in your future arsenal- you love those! Just get a bigger one! And I mean really, do it for the shoes. Forget you; THEY need a pencil skirt to feel beautiful and at home.

My weight fluctuates, always has due to the french fry and cheese supplements. Sometimes I’m taking them, sometimes I’m on a break. I always have a pair of jeans that will accommodate that. Honestly, how I’m dressed really affects how I feel, and literally my confidence. People stare at me, mostly because I’m interesting and attractive, but definitely also because of my reflex buffoonery.  So, when they do, if I feel self-conscious, that will trigger an awesome round of self-loathing. I don’t always look good to someone else, but I always feel good and right in my clothes.

This is important, in my opinion. Really important. The Funkinista in me sees the Fashionista in you!


Thank you slinky black canvas Funkinista (so many good terms here!!)!

Yes, you’re right, at least do it for the shoes! I do have one blue pencil skirt I purchased in the past 6 months, so I’m not completely bereft of pencil skirts. I also know that I am going to change jobs this year (how’s that for a big intention!), and I want to see what the work style might be there, as my current one is quite casual and often takes the fun out of a good pencil skirt ha ha.


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