Stepping into My Role as a Homeopath

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Choosing one thing that scares me is like asking me to choose my favourite bag of chips… there are so many to choose from! If I am being honest, one of the biggest things that scares me is…

Are you ready?

Myself! I scare myself. And no, not because I’m mean and scary, but because I see what happens to my life when I step into my potential, live out my passions and take risks. I scare myself when I see how much success comes out of my hard work.

Now I am sure some of you are thinking, “so how is this a problem?” I get it… but I have to face the facts. There is still a part of me that gets nervous or scared when stepping into my role as a homeopath. I have been practicing as a nurse for almost 10 years. I am comfortable and confident in this role and know my place in this environment. I have all the confidence in the world when I put this hat on. It is when I had to step out on my own making the decision to start my own business and began treating my own patients. Taking on that responsibility for another’s health and wellness. That’s scary.

As honored as I am to be a part of that journey with them, I get fearful at times. This is what my brain (ego) loves to tell me when I think about taking my next big step or action to further myself:

-“You won’t succeed. You’re an impostor and barely know anything.”

-“Your fine working part time as a homeopath and part time as a nurse…nursing is safe, you make good money and who cares if once in a while it makes you feel like death. Sleep it off.”

-“Why is anyone going to listen to you? There are homeopaths who have been practicing for 10+ years and here you are trying to change the lives of others with less than 2 practicing years under your belt…you’re an amateur, you have no experience.”

Well, with all that floating in my head I think it’s easy for anyone to see why I fear moving forward in my practice. But here’s the kicker… I see you Ego …I hear you and I am consciously aware of the fact that you are trying to hold me back. Therefore there is only one choice for any of us when dealing with that doubtful voice in our heads; tell it to shut up and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Pushing past my fear has given me huge gains in my practice and within myself, allowing me to do what I love to do best which is help restore health in all those who seek it.

Contributed by Meghan Manzo; healthandhealinghomeopathy.com


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