Weekly Discussion Summary: So Much Love Back At Ya

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As always, a stellar call. But you knew that, that’s how we roll. It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded and like-energied women, and esp in this refreshingly positive place! Our community is like that, and this week’s call topic was particularly like that. We built this community on the premise that the women we see before us in this community, their awesomeness, is a reflection of our own. This is yes, encouragement, but mostly, the company of these awesome women allows us to feel comfortable in our own awesomeness. It gives us permission not to hide the awesomeness either.

That’s a lot of awesomeness.

It was so amazing not just to hear the details of the validation, but to hear it in each woman’s voice as she spoke. It’s funny, but it was a little like show and tell in grade school…

Hey, look what I’ve got! Hey, look what I did! So beautiful.

For me personally, this was an incredible discussion topic to lead. My work here, and in my Homeopathy and Coaching practice, has made me become a “not good enough” vigilante. It’s all around us, and especially for women. I saw a Facebook post a few weeks ago, where the “study” was to rip out the ads in 2 popular women’s magazines. The pile of ads in both magazines left only about 1/3 of the magazine to articles. The final “message” was how the articles sold us the problem we had with ourselves, and then the ads sold us the products and services we can purchase to fix ourselves, or make ourselves better.

The world around us is, by others, consciously designed to manipulate the small insecure parts of us to govern our thoughts and actions.

Fortunately, we have us, this community of women who are consciously designing our own realities. The more we surround ourselves with each other as reflections of our greatness, the easier and more naturally that true and huge self can become the support and foundation for the work that we do. All of us here are creating something new in the world. We are visionaries. It is essential to find ways to keep that connection to our biggest selves available.

The invitation then, is to make self-validation a daily and practical practice. There are many ways to do this – journaling, mirror work, positive self talk – but this week, we discovered potent ways to build it into our already busy lives. Connecting self-validation with the 3 – 6 – 9 Planner heightened the value of that tool, and heightened the positive energy we generate towards ourselves.

I do believe, Ladies, that is what the world of women is looking for. This week, we taught each other how to turn every action we do – for ourselves, our visions, and others – into serving ourselves first, authentically.

So much love back at ya.

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