Practice Is As Practice Does

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It’s true. I just had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and she was really inquisitive about what I am doing these days. She was overwhelmed by how “good” I look. That makes me laugh! I definitely feel so awesome lately that I have hardly noticed how good I look because of how good I feel!

Anyway, I practiced.

I was so nervous to share it. I am always really affected by her opinions; I really respect her, and so I didn’t share CW. Then, she surprised me with the question about what I am doing right now, at the end of dinner, when I was no longer expecting that quesion. I blurted it out. One statement: I have a writing project that I’ve been working on for several years, and It is finally coming together. I’m really excited.

She stopped dead in the conversation: What?! That’s fantastic! Tell me more!!!

It was incredible. I couldn’t make that up!!

I realised afterwards that my “half-elevator statement”, pushed her into the position of asking “what IS that?” Suddenly she was receptive and listening.

So, that’s the elevator statement I’m going to use for a while. I do research on people’s reactions to me. That helps me to decide where to go and what to do next. This was such a fun thing to have happen inside this particular call topic discussion.

I was so clear on the ONE single thing that CW is for sure. I stated it, and then I paused long enough for her to ask the questions. Because they were in the order she wanted to hear about, it will stick. She got it!

For yours, you could start with: The Lily Pond is a sanctuary for people AND animals. Then notice the questions people ask. What do they want to know? This is always great intel because you learn the language your customers are apt to use to describe the thing they were looking for.

It’s a really powerful awareness to have the ability to improve upon your access point ie what you are and where people can find you. It takes a lot of consciousness and on the fly big thinking!

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