The Path of Service to Others

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I used to be so terrified of the up and coming year. New years was something I almost feared because I knew there would be a whole barrel of challenges awaiting me after the clock struck 12 am.

I’m really enjoying the opportunity of this week’s discussion topic. The holidays are the perfect time of year to reflect on how much I have accomplished. I don’t feel the same fear that I have over the years. This year, I feel myself embracing all the changes and challenges that will take place throughout my year. I feel myself ready to launch forward. I feel solid. I feel grateful for all the life lessons I received. I feel strong.

My reward then, is my growth from one year to the next. It sets me up to continue helping those who are most in need. The people I have touched, the sick I have tended to and all the love and support I have given and received from those in my life both near and far. This feeling is my reward.

I am a nurse and a Homeopath. My path is the path of service to others. When I recharge – over the holidays or while travelling – I take trips to continue my appreciation for all living things, cultures and traditions. When I come home, I return with a new sense of purpose. There will be no missing glass slipper this year when the clock strikes 12 am, I will be planting my feet firmly, digging my heels in and grounding myself for all that awaits in 2018!

Written by: Meghan Manzo



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