Now, THIS, is a Vision Board

 In Consciously Woman

My father, now retired, was a contractor while I was growing up. He had his own business; he built and renovated houses. As he wound down his business and had more time, he started to make some amazing gifts – he really is so talented with building things. The cycle went like this: he would make a gift for his wife, my sister and I would see it and let him know how much we would like  a similar gift. It all started with coffee table, he made for his wife. It has inset compartments in the top and you can take off the glass top and put things in the compartments. It allows you to either make a theme, or put cherished objects and change the way the table is viewed. At the time (and still actually), I didn’t have room for a coffee table, so I asked him for a kitchen table. He honored me by making one for me for my birthday.

I used to change it up every few months or so, depending on how I felt. When I moved east, it was slightly damaged – chipped and dinged from the movers. I didn’t fill in the compartments at all at first – things weren’t unpacked (including the things I would have put in the compartments). I didn’t add anything until a month ago – I added a few things that were from a pile of ones I’d moved here in a folder. This round of images were chosen around the theme and colours of the wedding celebration. I will leave them like this for a while, I’m sure.

In the context of this topic, I realize that this is a vision board too – a place where I can place those things that can remind me of the vision (in this case, being with the SO), and bring that vision to me every day when I sit at this table (which is often).

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