Blue Dot Special

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Yesterday, my co-worker was telling me about how she went to a meeting with a group of others from her small town to discuss how they would be involved in supporting the Blue Dot movement. The two focuses for this particular group were water and trade agreements (which, incidentally are linked), and she chose to focus on water. We discussed the merits of this movement (grassroots, having citizens put pressure on their local, municipal, provincial and then national governments to join the movement and make meaningful change) and as I had heard about it, we discussed generally our engagement with environmental issues. I told her that while I was still doing a few things I felt were supporting more progressive environmental initiatives, I had stepped back from a lot of it as I was struggling with believing I had an impact. She told me that she sometimes felt the same, but that it was important to do something, and to keep doing it, keep moving towards the goal.

And here we are with this topic. The small things, the everyday things. Just what I needed to be reminded of, that those actions can make a difference.

I have been a proponent of recycling for as long as I can remember, and for as long as it has been available in whichever city or town I find myself. As a teenager I pressured and supported and was ultimately successful in getting my parents to compost, and recycle (once we could do so, and at the least, bottles). And whenever I can, I do the same. The composting is easier now as the City of Toronto collects it, recycling too. I used to take my recycling to a box behind the grocery store, as that was the only option at the time in Calgary. It pains me that we don’t have either of these happening at work. Usually I push for such things, but there aren’t a lot of options. I take my meal scraps home to compost and do what I can, but it’s clear that this value is not appreciated at this business.

I have used reusable bags for ages. I have been known to over-stuff my handbag, or simply carry things in my hand when I forget a bag (there’s one in the car, so not too far to walk before finding a bag) rather than have a plastic one, though there are still a few that get through, but typically I’m prepared.

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