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To say that a health crisis is a privilege sounds quite daring to me, and I wouldn’t have put it that way a year or two ago. That’s because I was in the middle of it, fighting it, feeling anything but grateful for it. I guess some parts of me even hated it.

Yet now that I’m moving towards the end of this journey I am able realize that it was also a privilege. The advantage didn’t come from the health issues themselves of course, but from the experiences they gave me and the things I was able to learn from them. Some things were new for me, while others that I knew before I was able to learn on a deeper, more profound level. Certain things were health related while others taught me about life in general.

  • I learned that I cannot expect my body to constantly function well if I don’t pay attention to giving it the proper nutrition, exercise, rest, nourishment and fun it needs and deserves.
  • That despite the fact that I am immensely blessed with a big reservoir of energy I cannot constantly push and cross my boundaries without paying a price. But instead of doing everything at once, I can do it step by step, a habit that helps me to better manage my energy.
  • I took matters into my own hands thinking that getting healthy again was my job not that of any health professional. Though I met the right ones at the right time that helped me make it happen and I was given the resources I needed to have the time to heal.
  • I met wonderful people along the way who I probably wouldn’t have met any other way, who taught me very much and touched my heart. Best of all: some of them are still in my life today making it richer because of it.
  • When my body “acts up”, it doesn’t do so to annoy me (though sometimes it still feels that way :-)), but to point me to what’s wrong, and it’s my job to listen to my body, but also to have the patience for it to come around.
  • I don’t have to be perfect or do everything correctly to be o.k., loved, appreciated, awesome, purely amazing,… Because I AM these things, I cannot DO them.
  • I can change, but it might take much longer than I ever thought or wished for, but I can indeed change.
  • No matter how desperate I might feel no situation is so bad that there is no hope and while time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds, it definitely takes it to heal them.
  • There is value in any experiences I had, have and will have as they can create a greater capacity for compassion within me if I let them. Because having gone through certain situations makes me have more understanding and empathy for others and their battles.
  • I don’t give up. I might feel super sorry for myself and pity myself for a while, but afterwards I get up and keep on going. Also because I know I am being blessed with whatever I might need – even if it’s in different ways than I had hoped for.

So while my health crisis isn’t anything I would have willingly chosen to go through by now I am grateful for it. I view this time as a privilege acknowledging in the same moment that I wasn’t able to see it that way much of the time. It’s just that sometimes you’re not able to truly judge the value of a situation while you’re in the middle of it, but that’s o.k., too.


Oh I LOVE reading this!! Sincerely, what a privilege – for ME. I had a conversation with a friend today about MY previous health issues, the ones that inspired me to become a Homeopath and it’s been rattling around in my head for a few hours now, but I hadn’t articulated it. So great to read this and think of it in my own terms.

Yes, of course I think of it in the text book Homeopathic way, but it it definitely different when I’m the patient. I forget everything.

When I read your post here, I can suddenly see in my own body how our disease symptoms are a positive communication that points us in the right direction. I’ve spoken and written about that for years now. That concept is the foundation of Homeoapthy.

GREAT to see it for me too.

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