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The epitome of warrior-Archery!


This was a few years ago at college. I was totally channeling the energy of Katniss Everdeen. Power.


So awesome!

There has definitely been an element of “markswoman” in me this week. The call topics are always an evolution of the conversation, and this one landed perfectly for me. So busy. And so tired too. The perfect cocktail for the exhaustion that leads to ball dropping and frittered opportunities – over busy and also tired on the rocks. AND everything counts right now, all of it.

I have created absolutely fabulous positions and opportunities in many compartments in my life, and having this call topic is helping me to stay focused and reap the rewards. I’m laughing (ok, NOT laughing), as I threw out a moldy bag of my beloved Jalapenos that I found in the back of my fridge this morning, an example of dropped-ballism. Today’s big task is putting my garden to bed and processing the kale. Again, really tired, and yet I am really lucky the weather has continued to be warm so that I can actually reap that reward of a winter full of well-loved, organic leafy greens. Soup’s-ya!

My biggest tool right now – besides this conversation – is the 3 – 6 – 9. Because I took the time to create my “aim” all those weeks ago, the completion of this cycle of the 3 – 6 – 9 for me this time will mean the opportunity to begin to make my bead business profitable and enjoyable, painting consistent and holding my financial stability, and most important, I have successfully backed up enough that the emotional stress of my family is manageable. That in itself has been an incredible process. I did that for me, and I did that for my Grandpa. It was hard to stay grounded and keep my eye on that target through the changes in his health over the past few weeks, but when I did, we both benefited. Him with the care that he needs and me with the disappearance of my panic attacks. Ha – and just noticing now this minute, that there is no mistake that the mysterious “return” of my happiness is also the product of that focus.

Honestly, I’m looking at that scenario from this vantage point for the first time now, seeing the benefits of doing what is needed for me – aka the serving my needs first thing that so many women just don’t get, and I even (friggin) teach (gawd), and seeing the definite benefits down the chain of people I care for. We’re all better for me stepping out of the position of overworked and over obligated care giver. Moreover, this was one of those scenarios also where I was self-appointed, and acting out of turn in a way. This is likened to that fun thing we coaches and practitioners do – drum roll please: unsolicited coaching. Good one.

For me, at this time, it is really important to be keeping my ego in check, and keeping my goals in check. I have become really clear over the last few months on what I am wanting, in all areas of my life, and in my life as a whole. It’s a huge lot! And all of it achievable. My warrior woman is totally engaged, but in a brand new way. I am totally prioritising my actions and interactions via the filter where my big goals are achieved.

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