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This week’s summary is just some quick words to support the point of this week’s discussion topic, and to point at the big picture “point” of this awesome community of women. 

Perhaps the most poignant a-ha this week was understanding that the abundance we are all seeking (us and the world at large) is the direct result of wanting. Desire. This energy condenses into something real when we are clear about the things that we want, when we are specific. This is the great and lofty process of manifestation made simple  (Ha – Manifestation for Dummies!), practical. Usable.

It is important, then, to be ultra clear about the things that you want. The more details, the better! When a desire is clarified in the mind, the mind sets to work to be certain it is achieved. (Hint: be specific; be certain.)

AND, this community is absolutely founded in the concept of creating healthy examples to each other, and to other women who are reading our blog. 

So, THIS post, this one exactly, provides an example of the recipe for having it all. 

Be specific. Have what you want!

Oooh, a wee disclaimer. We are working with real and imagined wants this week. It doesn’t have to be achievable. We are interested only in understanding and beginning to use the raw energy of wanting. 

Here is Leni’s beautiful description of what she wants. Notice how you do not have doubts when it is someone elses want, even if it is fictional. If Leni showed up on your town and declared this, you would do all that you could to help her be successful. That is a very specific truth.


As I’m writing this and looking out my window into a bright but bitter cold day, I indulge a little into thoughts of a ‘want’ I’ve often considered to be the most extravagant thing that has planted its seed in my aching heart: a beach house.

I’m talking about a real beach house.  There would be a deck around a good share of the house and the view of the ocean and neighbouring cliffs that would serve to continuously remind me that whatever us little human beings believe – chance or by design – we’re living on a planet that offers what appears to be sophisticated gifts of the greatest magnitude.  I’d look out and see the day turn into night over the ocean and feel invigorated.  This experience is always new and different.  The ocean would express itself however it sees fit: calm and peaceful or enraged and dangerous and everything in between.

What a quaint but perfect beach house. Every solid wall in the house would be minimalist white and there would be tons of windows with white linen curtains and shutters – but those shutters would be wide open all day long and only to be closed when privacy is desired.  A good share of the time, there would be a cross breeze and it would feel like the house is almost a living, breathing entity.

The pristine kitchen would have an enormous island with a breakfast bar.  There would be tiles in the blue and green tones of the ocean below the white cabinets.  The most exotic fruit is in the fridge, except for the ones I’ll be enjoying that day, but there is always a bowl of granny smith apples on the kitchen island.  The kitchen cabinetry may be white but the other rooms have lots of dark raw wood.

There is a dining room.  It is very simplistic … a table, two chairs and two benches made of reclaimed wood.  The photographs on the wall are some I took throughout my journeys that I’ve had printed on canvas.

There would be a lot of open space but one cozy room with a small fireplace that would serve as the library and music room.  Great books, guitars, a ukulele and the piano live in this room.  There is also a makeshift bar: a bunch of quality bottles sit on a raw consort table.  There are also some upside down glasses from Nova Scotian Crystal.  The glasses aren’t made up of one set but rather favourites from several and each piece is a work of art all on its own.

There is a main lounging area.  Nothing too matchy but instead several unique chairs that give off a real eclectic feel with different textures and shapes. The chairs are placed around in a semicircle facing a fireplace larger than the one in the library and music room.  There are large pillows on the floor and very cozy throws over each chair: some are imitation fur, some cotton and some wool.  This is the largest room in the house and there is a couch with ample light against one wall.  It is the most comfortable brown couch in the world and serves as a crashing area if the second bedroom is insufficient. There is an additional makeshift bar in this room for convenience. I light candles all year long in the evening, but as it gets colder, I like to make a fire.

The guest washroom is white and simple with my favourite quotes on the walls but the main bathroom has a real claw tub.  It is a large room filled with light through frosted glass and raw elements all around: rocks, shells, driftwood, sea glass, and vibrant green plants.

Every Saturday is the night I have an open door for my closest friends and Sundays are open to family.  There will be music, laughter, the sharing of legendary tales, some of which have been told before but that we like to hear again.  Towards the end of the night, the mood becomes more relaxed and we step outside for a bonfire under the stars and listen to songs made for the ocean: Trawlerman’s Song or The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, or anything the audience requests.  Sometimes a guitar is taken from the music room so everyone can sing around the firelight.  Friday nights are all mine … but if I should hear the door rattling and find any one of my nephews and nieces standing on the steps in search of love and support, they will be received with my laid back hospitality.  They are allowed any day of the week.  The young keep us young and can be as refreshing as the salt water air.

There is plenty of seating on the deck and sometimes the company calls for a good bottle of Shiraz or Baco Noir and other times it’s tea.  A night demanding whiskey is a night of contemplation leading into complete foolery!  Whiskey is for loved ones … whiskey is for the most trusted,

Despite my appreciation for good company, I don’t need anything or anyone.  I like to sit on the deck watching sunsets and sunrises. The light that shines across a backdrop of dark blues and eventually black is just as energizing.  The moon delivers an entry that is second to none.  How does one compare the sun and moon?  It is quite literally comparing day and night and I cannot choose.  Not when the moon is so brilliant and the stars in attendance look like its faithful servants. There is a telescope so I can track the moods of the sky all year long.

I would finally have two big labs to share my life: Cassiopeia and Creedence.  Maybe someday I will want to hear a set of dirty boots on my deck and in through the kitchen’s backdoor and to feel loving arms around me while I’m cooking.  Maybe, but for now I’m happy with the bowl of popcorn all to myself, my two companions at my feet and the luxury of stretching out on my bed while listening to the crashing waves.

Yes, I like to dream of the ultimate beach house planted on a small cliff, with well constructed steps on the side of the massive rock.  I’m under nature’s spell, with each step towards land.  When my feet sink into the sand I’m reminded of what natural processes and time can do to quartz and I take in my surrounds with profound reverence. The sand teases me as my feet feel a slight resistance to arrive at the deep ocean.  It is really here, in front of greatness, that the longing in my heart quiets.

When the dream dissipates I realize it’s time to plan another journey.  I may not have the beach house but the ocean calls out to all of us.

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