Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen. Of course. Always.

This is my favourite of his: Dance Me to the End of Love. I have this song as “children’s book” and it is one of the books that travel with me where ever I go. Back and forth across the country 13 times. When I read it, it is a door way to that part of me that is also song.


One of my favourite things about Leonard Cohen is how much he adores women. Listening to his music, even though the songs are not at all about me, I feel loved too. Such a peaceful feeling.


I love Cohen so thank you for mentioning him. I’m not sure I could name a favourite… Anthem is up there, but Famous Blue Raincoat is like listening to an epic novel in a matter of minutes.

I love Chelsea Hotel (which is about a brief romance with Joplin). Everything the man touched was gold. How the heck do we pick, right? I can’t pick one or two or ten… But right now Hallelujah, Take This Waltz, Everybody Knows, Closing Time and Tower of Song stick out in my mind as songs that place Cohen at the table with Mozart, discussing that little tune Mozart wrote!
I know exactly what you mean about feeling as if he’s singing to you.
There was only one Leonard Cohen, but I do find that David Gray is probably well suited for anyone that likes Cohen, so you may want to give him a try.

What a great choice!

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