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Speaking of selective decluttering… ha! I am grateful that I did NOT recycle a little pair of red slippers a friend of mine gave to me when she was decluttering. She was closing her ridiculously successful photography business in Calgary and selling her house to travel for a year or two. This was when I was leaving Invermere to embark on my Homeopathy community vision.

We had this amazingly hilarious girls night out. I had purchased 2 tickets to Wayne Dyer a few months earlier and I chose her to be my date because we were cheering each other on, and looking back our conversations were a lot like we have here in CW together. “You wanna do what?” “Ok! GO! I got your back Lady!” Those. So good.

Well, the night of the Wayne Dyer concert (ha!), we walked in and the almost front row seats were available – not our seats. I was embarrassed to sit there, and she laughed – “what’s the worst that can happen? We move.” Good point. The owners of the seats never did show up, and we sat there the whole night. It was an odd lecture too. His 25 year old girlfriend had just broken up with him. Ultra human. And at the same time, I suddenly felt very secure in my future. If Wayne Dyer of all people could wobble all over the place like that and still succeed in life, so could I. It was like reverse inspiring? Is that a thing? Yes, it’s a thing. I left there feeling ultra empowered, felt I could do anything.

After that we ordered a pizza and drank a bottle of wine. We laughed and chatted a little about old times, the things we would miss, and the things we wouldn’t. We advised each other. She was closing her first business; I was closing my second. I brought experience and she brought enthusiasm to the table. It was a truly fabulous evening that eventually became a celebration of our futures, via her shoe collection. It was hilarious. She had many pairs of really interesting pumps that she wore to photograph weddings. We took all these wine infused photos of us in the shoes.

We have the same shoe size, and I took a couple of pairs of those shoes. I wore them in them my office in Ottawa a few times, even. I have since recycled those, but the red Chinese silk slippers, well, they inspire me. The red is so vivid. I keep them in the front hall closet for the exact purpose that they served today. I received my Mary Kay facial, complete with eye shadow that I’m not allergic to whoop whoop! It was really fun, and when the woman came inside she no joke asked for a pair of slippers. I’m not even sure what she said, I just pulled them out of the closet and put them on the floor for her. It was like they were waiting for her!

I am grateful for this memory of my friend, those incredible chats, and that amazing night of celebration.

I am grateful to have spent some time networking with another female entrepreneur. She is really lovely and it will be fun to promote her business while learning from her too. We don’t have the same kind of business, but so many of the foundational things that make a business great are completely transferrable. She’s a great head.

I have several other things, but I’m going to stop here. I’m going to savor that memory. It’s important.

Sleep sweet Ladies!

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