I’ve Got 40, 000 French Francs in My Fridge

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I want to take a trip this year. A good one. Maybe Italy? Somewhere spectacular. Of course this is NOT in the budget, too focused on the blogs and all excess is still getting doubled down. I DO love that.

BUT, I would like to take a trip this year! Somewhere spectacular. I have started putting a little bit of money away, and I checked it this morning because I forgot it was there! This is this funny thing that I do. I am that crazy person with an envelope of money in her sock drawer. Ok, it’s never my sock drawer. That’s ridiculous, and a poor investment. It’s in some relevant to the reason (that money is in an envelope) and feng shui-ic place. It’s precise.

Well, today, I stumbled upon this envelope. $300 already! In 50’s and 100’s. I no longer know where those bills came from. They officially belong to the adventure.

I believe I will be going on an an adventure soon!


Oh so exciting!  I have one of those envelopes too only mine is in a safe just in case of fire.  lol  Your envelope will be full in no time!


I am totally pro Italy. For various reasons: it’s the country which to me is the most relaxing, it has amazing food and great sites and it’s really close to Munich. So you gotta come visit!!
I believe you will go to Italy and get there thru Munich airport!! 😉

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