Intention, Set, Go

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I have taken on 2018 with the intention to create and succeed in all of my doings. I am going to really give this thing called manifestation a go, because I believe it’s something I have been consciously missing from my life for many years. When I say manifest I don’t mean just saying the words of what I want or desire. When I want to bring my visions into reality and call upon the universe to give me a helping hand, I will take the time to sit and feel what it’s like to have or be those things. I want every ounce of my body to be vibrating with that energy, and in turn that is what I will be sending out into the universe.

This is a very similar way of setting an intention for the New Year. The difference is I want to turn my words of “I will” into an energetic, unstoppable force that storms into my life and takes me for that ultimate experience, even with its ups and downs. That said, I want to succeed this year beyond measure in my Homeopathic business. I have such a craving to bring this alternative practice to light, to bring healing and health to those who want it and to educate my community on the awesomeness of this medicine! I have been playing small up until this point. Now it’s time to put on my big girl pants and really show what I’m made of, to the world.

It’s time to make my dreams a reality, which is to fully embrace my strength as a Homeopath. I know I will succeed in this task. To do so means bringing on new patients en mass. Sound unreasonable? Nope! Not this year. No more talking myself out of doing what I know has to be done. No more putting myself down, telling myself “I can’t” because my ego decides I have no confidence in the skills I have already obtained and mastered. I am in control this year and even though there will be set backs, I will be darned if I find myself thinking…”well, let’s give her a go next year.”

My action plan and intent for this year (…see I am already manifesting!):

  • Full time work in my homeopathic business
  • Public education, classes and workshops
  • An abundance of wealth (pick a number people and get specific with what I want and watch how it oddly shows up for me…don’t question the how) to allow me to accomplish the goals I have set out for this year
  • An abundance of health – practicing Yoga and excelling on my mat both mentally and physically (teacher training?)
  • My bucket list travels: I AM going to travel to Costa Rica, Scotland, England and countries in Africa (missionary work/safari) this year, come rain or shine

I want to emanate peace, love and kindness as much as I can in order to radiate it out into the world, which seems to  desperately need it.

As Pharaoh Rameses II replies to Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s film The Ten Commandments:

“So it was written, so it shall be done.”

Written by Meghan Manzo

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