Image & Style: The Signature Scarf

 In Consciously Woman

A couple of years ago, I invited a friend, whom I considered to be a fashionista, to help me re-think my wardrobe. How could I change things up? Wear what I had in different combinations?

Part of our discussion focused on having a signature piece in our style. Not the style itself, but something that I wear with most outfits and which stands out as being a key part of each outfit. I had been thinking of jewellery, but as she so rightly pointed out, I am most known for my shoes. Of course! It made complete sense, as I have been, for the past few years, known as the shoe girl in a few different circles. Signature piece identified. Check.

This past weekend, I realized that I have another signature item which I had not even noticed: scarves. I wear them with pretty much every outfit. Typically because, for most of the year the weather is variable and a scarf can stand in as a shawl when needed when cool nights follow hot days and in the winter, as a much needed staple of warmth. I have quite a few, probably over 20, collected over the years. I am certain that I can pair every outfit with at least one of those scarves. I feel quite odd without one, even if it doesn’t make it through the whole day. A scarf can also change up an outfit entirely, by becoming the focal point of the outfit, instead of the shirt. Particularly if it’s large enough. The blanket scarf is the most recent additional to this look.

To me, a scarf is most definitely an accessory first, before function, although it has that in its favour as well. And the best part about it, is how many ways you can wear one. There are many videos, but I found this one certainly gave a lot of options. I would say I knew about 10 of these, and now I have a few more to try.

This is great thing about accessories, especially one as versatile as the scarf, is that you can wear similar outfits every day, and change it completely with a quick change of shoes, or scarf, or statement necklace. And they can be quite inexpensive, and often found at second hand shops. Perhaps you have a few scarves around your closet that could be rediscovered, inspiring a wardrobe refresh!

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