Image & Style: The Jumpsuit

 In Consciously Woman

Over the years, I’ve considered seeking out a jumpsuit; typically one which is a shirt and shorts combination, rather than one with a full pant. I had absolutely forgotten about it, though, until two weeks ago. My co-worker was attending a wedding that upcoming weekend, and I asked her what she was going to wear. She told me she was wearing a black jumpsuit, with red heels. I was immediately inspired. I asked her to please share pictures the following week.

That same weekend, I watched a movie: Spy (which stars Melissa McCarthy, and is hilarious, I highly recommend it). One of the people trying to kill the main character was wearing this fantastic emerald green jumpsuit. Two jumpsuits in a matter of days? I was paying attention.

The jumpsuit has one major challenge of course, as one piece – you have to be able to remove the top to visit the restroom. As long as the fit isn’t too tight (and I argue, it shouldn’t be), this will be a minor inconvenience rather than a problem. As promised my co-worker sh

owed me photos of her outfit: simple, striking, and perfect with heels and a statement necklace. I liked that she wore something different. And a jumpsuit can be dressed up and absolutely dressed down. That’s the type of flexibility I want more of in my wardrobe. More cross-over between work, special events and casual life.

There are many styles of jumpsuits, and taking a look at them, I can already see that there are only certain ones I would appreciate. But I like the idea of this versatility, of doing something a little differently than a dress for a special occasion and knowing that the same piece can be worn as an everyday piece as well.

Today’s style inspiration: the jumpsuit.


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