Image and Style: A Style Muse in Blue

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Yesterday, as I sat in the park near my office, I observed all the people walking by, enjoying the sunshine, going about their business. I was looking for a fashion muse, and eventually, I did find one. First, let me say that while I’m inspired generally, it doesn’t mean I would wear all the pieces. But it inspires me to think about how to do things differently, how to stretch my sense of style, how pieces are worn and paired.

However, I couldn’t think of a good reason to ask her for a photo. After all, if it were me and someone said they wanted a photo for a blog, I might not believe them and would likely decline.

Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration beyond the streets, on the pages of the internet, including the mecca of gazing – Pinterest.  Here is a look at what I found and why I like it.

The hat and the bare shoulders create a kind of balance. And again, the draping fabric and the bare shoulder create a balance as well. It all brings the attention to the face. It leaves room for the hat (not that you need bare shoulders to wear a hat) but it’s a great way to bring space for the accessories – big hoop earrings (my favorite), a scripted necklace, uncomplicated. I love the casualness of it all, an easy style but with lots of personality.

And, being a shoe girl, I instantly love the way the shoes are worn. Not tied up the ankle and hidden under the jeans, or with a skirt, butintegrated into the jeans. This is such a unique twist (for me) and again, adds to the effortlessness of it all, but with specific touches. I love all the colours as well – the bright blue, the touch of pink in the shoes. A style muse: bringing new ideas, stretching the sense of self as I question – would I wear this? In this case, the answer is yes!

Author: Lia Robinson

Photo via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/453808099934683564/

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