I Want More

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I am getting much better at living in limbo. If there is one thing I’ve been putting my big girl pants on for, it’s that. I have no idea whatsoever what the end of the year is going to look like for me but I am concentrating on my writing projects. Soon I will have to consider the end of the year but not now. For now I can just keep working hard at what many can’t comprehend but that I know with certainty is where I should be putting in my time.

Trying to live someone else’s hopes for me is never going to make me happy. So what if others think I’m taking backward steps; I’ve already made it in the corporate world and did fine … but fine isn’t loving life. I want more.

I realize I’ll have more regrets over what I didn’t do just like Mr Twain said … and I don’t want this to be one. So, for now I put in the time and do the work because being mediocre will not be in the cards for this girl.

It’s a long road ahead but for the first time in my life I feel like I’m working towards the life I wanted. I feel more like myself and I’ve found my voice. I’m actually living the things on about wanting to do.

Life was just waiting for me to catch up … it was standing there going “Hello! Why haven’t you put on some clothes to meet me halfway?” It should have been obvious. Yes… being certain of what I want despite uncertainty around me is an art I’m getting to be really great at it!


I love you so much. My heart exploded when I read this. If your Instagram posts are any indication of where you are going, I’m forecasting a spectacular end of the year for you! From my perspective, it’s definitely clear.

But really, you’ve done the hard work already. Surly and the Dynamite is proof. It’s fantastic. And it’s SO you. Bold. Outstanding.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The big project will be another example of your incredible voice. I can’t wait to read it!


I am totally with you on this one. Just go! That’s what I’m doing. I don’t have time to wait to figure out every last detail so I’m diving in and the forward movement is lining everything up. I’m glad this is working out for you too. You so deserve this!

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