I Found My Passion

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This is going to be one of those rare times I am able to proudly write down my accomplishments without diminishing my efforts through words or jokes. I feel as if I have lived in a world where praising myself is selfish, egoistic, and sometimes frowned upon, but Consciously Woman is the space in which to heap that praise. I am really proud of myself for going above and beyond the my initial expectations. I come from a family with little money and education. Regardless, I paid my way through university and graduated with honours in nursing. I worked hard to pay off that debt and succeeded in doing so before I turned 30. It was a great accomplishment, but there was still something missing. After much soul searching – which included a lot of meditation (hoping to gain two seconds of peace and clarity), journalling and spending time with myself – I found my passion. While working as a nurse full time, I went back to school to become a homeopath, and I am still currently finishing up my fellowship in homeopathy.

I have to recognize my achievements in starting my own business in 2015, and continually pushing myself to succeed even when the falls are difficult. I am a home owner, and have the most amazing group of friends. I have managed to surround myself with the most loving, honest and uplifting people who love and support me, and let me know when I’m off-track (thank you – you know who you are!). Thank you to all those people from my past, present and future who continue to push me forward. These are the people who help create experiences for me, including all the ups and downs, providing the lessons I need to continue to succeed in my life.

*Pause and breathe* Woo hoo! All in all, that’s not a bad start to this crazy, little game called life. I can say with confidence that this is only the beginning for me. In some ways it will always be the beginning for me, as I have made a commitment to myself to live life as fully as it was intended. This means never settling for the mundane, and always seeking adventure (even if that means watching Netflix and eating chips). Grazie, (said with the hands as a true Italian would) to all those on this journey with me, and a huge thank you to myself for never being ordinary.

By Meghan Manzo

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