I am Winning! Winning at life ;)

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I love this topic, just like the past few weeks. I write one, than read others peoples’ share and i get all excited and think of all these other things that I hadn’t consciously noticed in me.
Yay! Much love for your fabulousness ladies

Does bragging about my English count??
I fully immersed myself in an English environment 12 years ago now and I think I’ve done good! It was definitely a challenge at first, one that I welcomed, yet now it has become second nature. Ha – switching back to French now feels different!


Mais oui! Mais oui!!

You hardly even have an accent. That always amazes me. I have learned French and German both and neither of them stuck because I was too shy to speak them (the booze curve notwithstanding, hilarious but not super useful. I mean, honestly…).

You could brag about your bravery too! You have to be brave – really brave, incredibly brave! – to go and live somewhere new, to begin with, but to not speak the language… terror!

I also think it takes a lot of willingness. I think that’s actually harder than bravery.

Liking where this subtlety can make some things easier for me. Perhaps where I think I need to use bravery to push forward, I can use willingness instead to make a huge sail.

I like this – willingness!
Languaging it differently definitely gives it a different feel.
To me it goes back to letting go and just showing up!
So, if I am to roll with this thread…
I am not typically one to brag, I like to go about things pretty quietly but I always hold my head up high.
I am proud. Proud of the life I have build for myself, proud of who I am. Proud of the woman I have become, proud of the little girl I was and always really excited to see what my future has to bring as I know I will carry forward with strength, grace and pure excitement.
I have learned a lot and I know I have the skill set to handle whatever life throws at me. This is a quality have a lot of faith in. I also have the passion to enjoy every thing that comes my way.
I am kind, honest and smart. I am strong, gentle and positive. I am me, and a beautiful version I adore. I embrace all my quirks and I can shine.
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