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Parker, everytime I’ve gone to a new place, the walls, floors and ceiling told me what they wanted. Before the apartment I’m in now, I was in a loft with double-floor height walls and grey exposed pipes. Natural element didn’t feel right on these walls… only as furniture. I purchased two photos on canvas… one was a dirt road from the driver’s perspective, going through a storm to reach the other side, and the other was a massive Galaxy auto in front of a post office and as soon as I saw it I concocted a story from the unusual photo. No one initially could see it on any wall when I showed them what I’d ordered, until they actually saw the pieces hanging in my loft. They also saw it went with my style but on the edgier side… still uncluttered, straight lines, different textures. Everyone ‘got it’ the moment they saw it in my place. I took time to decide on the pieces and really waited until the place spoke to me. Taking the time you are is definitely a sign of self-care. Art is not just something one keeps in their home, it is the experience that keeps on giving!


Oh yes. Definitely. I have a few paintings from a friend of mine. They are absolutely brilliant, and they have provided me a kind of portable home. They have lived in all my homes for probably 10 years. When I drove across the country, I shipped almost everything. In my car was my art and books.

It’s funny to think of that now, actually. The night before I left, I dropped by my friend to pick up my art. I had been house sitting for him/them for 4 months that winter. It was total bliss, and this here vision that has become CW started there. Really cool to think of that now, and to suddenly be putting together all of the pieces – those pieces, and the pieces I was thinking about all day. Anyway, my trunk was packed for me, and I was instructed not to open it until I got to where I was going. My big metal dragon fly was in the back seat and it’s wings make this really cool jingling sound. I didn’t listen to anything on the radio until close to the Ontario border, just the jingling.

Yes, that sounds like lunacy now, but it was maybe the best 4 days of my life! It’s funny to think of the things I was thinking on that drive, esp now that it has all come together. I’m doing exactly what I planned to do, you Lovelies are the bonus.

Yes, art. Mine has kept me company, been the only witness to a few moments of terror, been the voice of reason and my tenacity, been the muse, been the back bone, been the container, and several times, just in colour been the road forward. I think of all the times the reflection has been the only confirmation that I am going in the right direction.

In this house, I have placed these 3 favourite paintings so that I can see them from where I work most of the time in the living room.

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