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This is our goofy kids horse Seven who is about 20 years old.  He is quite the horse.  He was used  in a hunting outfit before we got him four years ago.  He was ridden hard and I could tell that’s all he really knew before he came to us.  He was to be my steady mount after I had a bad horse accident and broke all the bones in my foot.  Very quickly he became very lame.  So lame that he couldn’t stand up at times.  After healing him up well enough I hauled him one and a half hours to the next town for x-rays.  They couldn’t quite make out what the issue was but knew it was in his stifle which is sort of like the knee.  He may be able to pack children around but likely not adults anymore.  He may even need to be put down.

I spent quite a bit of time helping to heal this horse who really didn’t much like people.  He constantly pinned his ears at us threatening us and he never wanted to be petted.  His only interest was food.  After four months he started to improve and by six months was being ridden gently by the kids.  He learned to tolerate his pets and started to warm up to us.  He has been lame on and off for the past two years.  He goes from very lame to totally normal.  He gets massages which he pretends to hate and he has become one heck of a kids horse.  He would do anything for my kids and has won them a ton of ribbons.

The reason I am telling you this is that I tend to constantly watch and search for him to misstep.  I am always worried that he won’t be there for my kids one day as we have lost two horses and two dogs in the past year.  I want to stop this behavior.  I want to expect him to be healthy.  I do not want to create a problem where there isn’t one.  I believe our minds are super powerful and I believe that the horses know exactly what we are thinking.  I don’t want him to feel my worry anymore.

Just recently he became very sore and I panicked.  I wondered how we would get through the Summer without him.  I created a huge mess.  I talked too much about the worst case scenario.  Guess what?  Today I booked him in to a different vet and I instantly relaxed somewhat.  Within an hour he was quite a bit better and within ten minutes of loading him in to the trailer to head to the vet I started to wonder why we were even going.  He was hardly limping at all.   I tried to explain to the vet what he was doing but the vet couldn’t really come up with much as there wasn’t much to look at.  I went home so relieved.  I had no answers but what I did know is that for about the tenth time this horse completely turned himself around.  Clearly I need to expect that he will be fine and healthy.  That is what he is wanting from me.


Oh I love reading this! That was one of my first “communications” with Daniel. When I first started visiting for “horse lessons”, I wanted to brush the horse that needed the most love. “Which one needs the most love?”I asked. Dan. Definitely. He had never had his own person to love and care for him. My heart was huge. That’s my job – to love – and so I wanted to give all of that to Dan. He needed it!

After a couple of months of visiting him weekly, the animal “communicator” let me know that Daniel had told her I was his person. He’d decided I was his person. She said he’d never had a person, and that this was a very clear communication from him. I was the one.

I mean, the honour. To be chosen, after 30+ years of him being personless… well, I had a lot of time to make up for! Instantly, I jumped into action.

On our first visit after I had been told that, I just instinctively went over every inch of him – check, check, re-check. Any tics? Any spots? Any bites? Any subluxated ribs? Any rashes? Of course I found a bug bite. My fingertip found it, and I dropped into (psycho) practitioner mode, moving all the hair out of the way. Was it a bite? Was it a mole?

He bolted away from me, huffing.

That was the very first communication I felt from him. It was not love. It was not connection. It was “piss off; you’re not here to fuss and pick at bug bites. You are here to be friends. I am not a project.”

HUGE. I felt it in my teeth.

To this day, a year later, I am not allowed to worry or fuss. Love only. It has been a brand new experience!

Last week in fact, he had some blood dripping onto his foot (the only white one; imagine my terror) and I couldn’t find the source. My friend was away, and not available to check him out immediately.

I had to follow the calm and the no-worry policy he had demanded initially. It was amazing to feel the difference in the ease of that a year later. I made the appropriate phone calls, and waited for the appropriate responses.

Yup. Bug bite! It was all me! I swear he stuck his white foot out to get bitten just to test me!

I’m SO glad Seven is OK. He’s so beautiful. What an amazing thing he is for you, and for me too! Reading this, I know that’s really true, what Dan has offered for me: a no-worry policy. Feels amazing.

Sleep sweet! No fussing. xo

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