Happy Monday Ladies!

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These are peonies from my Grandpa’s garden. I’m sure he planted them for my Grandmother, the love of his life, and still the woman of his dreams. He will likely not get around to that part of the garden this year, so I picked one for him yesterday. They are just too beautiful to be missed! The fuscia (can’t spell that now gawd) is so deep you can hardly get your eyes around it. It won’t fit! And the smell divine.

He needs a little coaxing on things like that. He’s old and he genuinely doesn’t always see the point in doing something to add beauty to his home. He sometimes has only utilitarian energy left in the day. Sometimes his socks are really far away.

BUT. He LOVES it when other people feel good and enjoy life, so I gots him with this one ha! One single peony in a glass on his table inspired him to offer me all of the ones in the garden. Take them all, don’t waste them!

When I left, he was excited to offer me something beautiful. It’s easy to see how that feels for him. He’s old. He’s honest. He’s also ridiculously sensitive. I’ve put them on my bathroom counter. I see them every time I go in there, and I know like I know he feels the beauty returned.

Love is like that. When you plant flowers for the people you love, they feel that forever.

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